Welcome to Illinois Soccer Referee Committee

New referees must be 13 years old at the time of registration

Step 1) U.S. Soccer Learning Center

  • a) To start the learning process, access the U.S. Soccer Learning Center website and “Sign Up” to create a Referee profile at the following link:
    b) Once your profile is complete, log in to your U.S. Soccer Learning Center account register and complete the Grassroots Entry Level Course
    • Make sure a unique email is used for each referee.
    • Sign up using the referee’s name & DOB. (not the parent or guardian)
    • A secondary email (e.g., parent, other) field is available as well.
    • The course is a ~ 4.5-hour e-learning experience that prepares candidates for their assigned tasks and responsibilities as a Grassroots referee. All online course work should be done before attending the Field Session.
    • The Field Session is 2.5 hour in person requirement.
  • c) If you are 18 years of age or older you will also need to complete the SafeSport Training course, also located in the U.S. Soccer Learning center. Along with a Background Check that will need to clear (take10-14 days).
    • Most classroom issues can be resolved by periodically clearing your cache/cookies and restarting your browser.