Youth Mentoring

The Youth Mentoring Program is geared to younger referees (ages 16-22) who are doing exclusively youth games but have a desire to learn and advance their referee career.  ISRC's goal for this program is to help identify and provide opportunities for referees to improve, and ultimately become eligible to be selected for State Cup, President's Cup, MRL, and other Youth Regional events.

We rely upon Assignors and Assessors to continue to make recommendations for candidates to the Program.

What the ISRC expects of the participants:

  •     Respect for fellow participants and administrators/mentors

  •     Be ready to learn (from Referee Coaches and each other)

  •     Access to a phone and computer for conference calls and webinars

  •     Actively participate in mentoring sessions - we want to hear what you think

  •     Willingness to participate in  events such as President's Cup, State Cup, Illinois Cup, & MRL

  •     Complete ALL registration requirements in a timely manner (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  •     Listen to the mentors

  •     Professionalism - responding to e-mails in a timely manner

  •     HAVE FUN!!!!!

What the participants may expect from the Referee Coaches:

  •     Respect for the participants

  •     Be ready to LEARN - because we will learn from the referees as well

  •     Introductions to assignors for President's Cup, State Cup, Illinois Cup, MRL, and other key events

  •     Be current on laws of the game

  •     Willingness to watch single game or tournament to assess progress