Adult Mentoring

The Adult Mentoring Program is geared to referees who have advanced or on the verge of advancing to games at a higher level including adult matches. 

What is this program?

  • The ISRC Board decided to initiate and fund this program because they believe we need to be both expediently identifying, and developing top level referees. 
  • The intention is to use Illinois resources: current and former FIFA, MLS, and National referees as well as assessors, mentors, and guides to assist with the development of a select number of referees. 
  • Individuals identified with potential for advancement will be invited to participate in this program which is being funded by the ISRC.

What isn't it?

  • Assessments. This is not an assessment program. Although you may conveniently have assessors working with you and watching you, you cannot use this for maintenance or upgrade assessments.  No ifs, ands, or buts!
  • The Referee Coaches are here to guide and advise you, and to help you improve your skills as a referee.  They will work with you before, during, and after games.  They will film you during games.  They will watch and dissect that film with you.  They will give clinics and practical training, and they will assist you to improve your fitness level.
  • But, they will NOT be assessing you.  All maintenance and upgrade assessments will still have to go through the Office.

How does it work?

  • Our group is divided into three levels --- (1) a top level (nationals and those on the verge); (2) a mid-level (those a couple of years from that); and (3) young referees (high school and college aged refs).  
  • We will have 2 sessions per month either on a field or in a classroom where we will have training.  
  • Our meetings will be more on-field and less classroom once weather is nice.
  • Referees will be assigned as a crew to certain games as part of this program.  A Referee Coach will be assigned to those games.  You will be assigned as a referee or an AR in the capacity in which it best suits your personal development. You will be put into challenging situations to test you, and to get you out of your comfort zone.  It's going to be a lot of tough love but it's going to make you better.
  • Referee Coaches will be assigned to your games based on your grade, your skill, and your needs.

What are the expectations?

  1. Show up! - The state is making an investment in you.  We are spending money on you.  You will get out of it what you put into it.  If you don't show up, you aren't getting anything out of it.  
  • We understand not everyone can make every clinic or field session.  Classroom sessions will be held in the evenings.  
  1. Make an effort! You can make mistakes, but you can't not try. 
  • Be prepared, be on time, be committed to putting forth your best effort at every session and every game. 
  • You should expect a serious amount of physical and mental exertion.  Which leads to. . . .
  1. Be fit! If you can't get there you can't see it.  Eighty-eight (88) minutes later you still have to get there.  90+ too.  A higher fitness level will only help your game. 
  • Run. Work on your core.  Do things beneficial for your game. 
  • Hydrate.  Be mindful of what you eat.  The Referee Coaches are going to strap a heart rate monitor on you during games.  They are going to track your mileage.  You will get helpful feedback.